35 000 Chiwundura Villagers Face Mass Starvation As Lockdown Restricts Them From Menial Work – MP

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By Staff Reporter

A SERIOUS humanitarian crisis is fast unfolding in Chiwundura constituency in Midlands province as thousands of villagers battling with the effects of the prolonged drought now have to face another challenge in COVID-19, which has forced them to severely restrict their movement in search of menial jobs and food.

Local MP, Livingstone Chimina told at the weekend that all was not well in his constituency.

“Chiwundura is currently faced with a serious drought and villagers are failing to cope considering that they live from hand to mouth. The lockdown has thus restricted their movements as they can no longer travel to fend for themselves,” said the Zanu PF lawmaker.

The constituency has an estimated 35 000 people.

“Most people have been surviving on menial jobs, but because of the current lockdown they are no longer able to fend for their families. The situation has been exacerbated by the increase in prices of basic commodities. People are generally failing to cope,” said Chimina.

“There is no food security to speak of here since all the crops were heavily affected because of this drought. We are appealing for urgent food aid and there is high demand for food assistance programmes in the constituency since almost everyone is starving. Currently, there are no non-governmental organisations (NGOs) operating in the area. The food aid we are getting from government is not enough.”