5 tips how to choose the right online casino

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With the popularity of game services has increased the demand for them. Demand breeds supply – a rule that has always been and will always be relevant in business. It is because of the sharp increase in demand for games and online gambling that the number of new sites and online casinos has increased dramatically.

The services that had been operating for many years got a good economic boost and expanded (the number of games, features and nice programs for users), while young services got an opportunity to win their place, get a new audience and attract players who had never used online gambling services before.

Against the backdrop of such dramatic growth in the industry, not only honest entrepreneurs and brands have become active, but also scammers. This can include not only a category of phishing sites, but also “one-day sites”, which create a copy of the original site, attract users and then simply close in a matter of days or weeks. How to be in such a situation a new user who has just discovered the world of gambling entertainment and games? How to choose a site for gambling, which will be reliable and safe?

We will tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a site for gambling and make your first experience safe and pleasant.

Availability of services in your area

The first thing a gambler does when looking for a casino is to check their availability in his country. Despite the fact that in many countries gambling and the activities of both land-based and online sites are regulated by law, there are also countries that refuse to regulate gambling or are in the process of developing tools for its regulation. Not all platforms will be available there.

If you play on a site that is not available in your area without third-party services (proxies or vpn), at one point you risk losing your money and deposits. The state (providers) will simply block the site at the slightest attempt to get to its pages.

It is better to choose services that are available without third-party programs, or those that use mirrors for access.

A mirror or mirror version of the site. Represents an exact copy of the original casino site. The only difference is the domain. It will be different, for example, the original domain will be spelled as “” and the domain of the mirror will be spelled as “”. Nothing will change for you as a gambler. The mirror version of the site fully retains the following characteristics and data:

  • Your account and its details;
  • Your profile data (first name, last name, phone number);
  • Your payment details;
  • Game statistics;
  • Transactions and payment history;
  • Game selections and lists from the “Favorites” category.

Choose the platform carefully, so you will always have access to your profile and games.


The second thing a player needs to check when choosing a platform is its reliability and protection. One important document is responsible for these factors – the license.

Casino license – a document that gets a site, after passing a number of checks and certifications. The license indicates that the site has passed all stages of testing, has a stable and reliable security system. There are only a few companies in the world that issue licenses for gaming sites, and each license has its own serial number. This number is always publicly available and can be easily checked in the general database of licenses.

What does a site have to do to get a license? In fact, companies go through a large number of inspections and instances, pay fees and work in test mode to get the cherished document. Here are just a few criteria for obtaining the right to provide gambling services:

  1. Submit an application to the appropriate authority;
  2. Pay several fees, some of which cost more than $1,000,000;
  3. Provide the licensing company with plans for economic development of the casino for several years to come;
  4. Provide plans for user engagement and advertising strategies;
  5. Obtain contracts with game development studios;
  6. Implement payment systems;
  7. Develop a functional customer support system in multiple languages;
  8. Work through a test period of six months to a year;
  9. Go through a second series of company audits.

And only after that, the entire online casino can get a license. However, there are some licenses that require one of the known licenses. How it works.

To get a license from Malta, a casino company must already have an active license, to operate it for at least several years, to have no complaints or complaints from the players and only when all these conditions are taken into account, the casino can apply for a license from Malta.

It is not difficult to find these licenses, all the information is publicly available on the company’s website. Very often, it is placed at the very bottom of the site. The section indicates the following information: the authority that issued the license, the license number, date of receipt, date of expiry of the license, the address of the casino representative and the head office of the company.

If you can not find the information, and support refuses to provide it – avoid such sites.

Security and data protection

If we’re talking about a casino, we are talking about big winnings and finances. When registering at a $5 deposit casino, the user not only provides his contact information, but also his passport details. This is necessary in order to verify the customer and prevent underage gambling or multi-accounting.

If the casino plays honestly, then the users should play honestly as well. Multi-accounting by customers is prohibited on all sites. To ensure the safety of user data and general information, companies must have a flexible and functional system of protection. This includes the following items:

  • Multi-step profile verification;
  • Login confirmation via SMS or complex passwords;
  • Login with biometrics (from mobile devices);
  • Multi-step data encryption with advanced security protocols.

This will help avoid problems with finances or account theft. If you think that only large sites are subject to hacks and attacks, you’re wrong. Even small $10 deposit casinos are desirable targets for attackers. Take the time to examine the security of the site.

Withdrawals and Deposits


Once you understand that the site is safe and you can trust it, it’s time to figure out how comfortable you will be using it.

The issue of casino ergonomics in the finance sector is very important. Yes, the atmosphere and the overall impression of the game are important, but most people go to try their luck in the hope of winning, a big win. And you have to be comfortable to get it.

So, at once it is worth to look at what conditions the site offers for the withdrawal of players, and what for depositing an in-game account. Today in the world there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways to work with finances: from transfers to their conversion. And casinos have to consider the comfort of their customers. There are a number of classic tools that sites should offer to gamblers:

  • Cards from Visa/MasterCard (won’t necessarily be credit cards, but debit ones should be);
  • Digital wallets: Skrill/Neteller;
  • Bank transfers;
  • Digital Money.

The optional methods include cryptocurrency and a few basic crypto wallets.

Pay attention to withdrawal terms as well. Some sites set format restrictions: “the withdrawal method and currency will be the same as the deposit method”. This means that you choose 1 option and fix it to your account.

Games and slots

Games and their formats. Here it all depends on your preferences. If you are an experienced player – problems and difficulties with the choice will not arise.

Beginners will be more difficult, especially if they are not familiar with the formats and brands of providers. Look for sites where there is an option to play in demo mode. This is a free mode where the gambler can try the games and machines without registration.

Go to the site, try out the games, formats, styles and different settings. Choose the ones you like. If there are none – keep looking, because you have to enjoy the process.

Pay attention to the presence of the following sections in the toy library: “Aviator and Crash Games,” “Exclusives” and “Live Games.