’90 R.G Mugabe’ in pictures book out

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THE National Gallery will beginning Friday hold an exhibition At 90, R.G Mugabe, an executively bound 164 page journey of pictures of President Robert Mugabe infused with quotes and excerpts from speeches that augment the images provided.
The majority of the pre-independence pictures are in black and white whilst the post-independence images are in colour which is obviously affected by a technological factor.
It is somewhat symbolic as the presentation of these pictures reveals two different worlds; the first is a grey world that was rifled by injustice and oppression and the second is a colourful world which is defined by freedom, development and the pursuit of a great life for the good of all citizens.
Earlier on this year the Mugabe turned 90 years of age and to compliment this momentous occasion his office presented him with a commemorative book entitled 90, R.G. Mugabe; a photobook documenting his life and work for the country.
The book is sub-titled Pictorial Moments from the Life of His Excellency the President of Zimbabwe Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe and is convened with an introduction Misheck Sibanda, the chief secretary to the President and Cabinet, which underline the various landmarks during Mugabe’s life and pinpoint his achievements.
The photobook is divided into eight chapters, namely The First Family, Faith, The Struggle, Independence, The Popular Leader, The People’s Choice, The World Stage and Post-Colonial Development- A Luta Continua. 
From the oratory to the scholarly, each and every page of 90, R.G Mugabe shows familiar and rarely seen photographs that stimulate understanding of the man’s actions and words.
In the first chapter, the country’s number one working man is captured in various images reflecting an easy-going man. The portrayal of a husband and a father energetically comes off the page to the viewer and it becomes clear just how normal a life an icon such as President Mugabe leads.
A double-page spread of the First Family vacationing in Walvis Bay alongside family friend, former President Sam Nujoma of Namibia. In later chapters one takes notice of the camaraderie as this reveals the President’s cherishing of bonds, be it with his people or his comrades.Advertisement

On the preceding page is the revolutionary; with a fiery expression on his face, addressing a speech so profound in meaning it led to his prosecution. The photo was taken from below hence creating the effect of greatness in figure and even more, in the message he was delivering on that day in 1963.
The perspectives that are adopted by the book in its entirety generate interest in the man that is Mugabe at various watersheds in his life in a manner that will engage the reader or viewer to have an understanding of Zimbabwean history through the exploits of the country’s most widely known figure.
Some never seen before images were kindly provided by The National Archives, the Ministry of Media, Information and Broadcast Services, the Zanu PF department of information and publicity, Silveira House Chishawasha, New ZIANA, Gloria Kodzwa and Southern African Research and Documentation Centre.
The book will be distributed across the provinces in schools, libraries, Higher and Tertiary education institutions and 90, R.G Mugabe will be available for viewing and accessible to members of the public especially churches.