A national disgrace – Coltart slams judiciary over Marry Mubaiwa’s “ill-treatment”

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By Tinei Tuhwe

Bulawayo Mayor David Coltart has spoken out against the treatment of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa, describing her plight as “a personal tragedy” and “a national disgrace.”

In a scathing X post, Coltart blamed the judiciary for denying Mubaiwa foreign medical treatment, despite her local doctors’ recommendations.

“Marry Mubaiwa’s plight is a personal tragedy but in addition a national disgrace.

“Our judiciary is particularly to blame.

“Let us never forget that Ms Mubaiwa’s medical condition was resolvable had she been allowed foreign medical treatment which her local doctors told the courts was necessary.

“Our courts’ refusal to show basic mercy and grant bail in the interests of justice remains a dark stain on our entire judiciary,” he said

Mubaiwa has undergone a life-altering surgery, having her leg amputated due to gangrene, a complication of her underlying condition. Her right arm was amputated in September 2022.

Her condition, acute lymphoedema, has led to severe abscesses and open wounds on her arms and legs and despite her critical condition, the courts have repeatedly denied her request to seek medical treatment abroad, citing her ongoing trial for attempted murder and other charges.

Mubaiwa remains hospitalized at a private facility in the capital, sparking widespread debate and outrage over the handling of her case.

Coltart emphasized the importance of justice, citing the Bible and history as examples of the consequences of disregarding justice.

“The cross – upon which Jesus was crucified- is a constant reminder of one of the Lord’s most important characteristics: His desire for justice.

“If we treat this with disdain, if we don’t fear God by being dismissive about His desire for justice in all facets of life, we open ourselves to His wrath.

“This applies to all of us as individuals but it also applies to Nations.

“Both the Bible and history are replete with countless examples of how the Lord not only desires justice but also obtains justice in His time and using His methods.

“So Ms Mubaiwa’s plight may seem of no relevance to us.

“But we ignore this shocking example of injustice at our own peril.”