New – a new site that publishes statistics on football matches

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If you are a football fan, we are pretty sure you must be searching for the best sites for detailed football statistics. Even if we have a bunch of sites for the same, we always look for something new with the hope that a new site would have something different to offer. No? Well, this is why today we thought to introduce you to one such new site that has many unique things in store to offer football fans. The name of the site is So, delve deep into details and find out what different features it has.

What the site is all about? is a gaming site that offers you all the latest updates, live scores, and statistics about the football game. The site is quite new but it has managed to impress people with its authenticity and the latest updates. On this site, you can get all types of football updates from all around the world. This is just a brief information. The site is designed with a bunch of incredible features that will definitely blow your mind if you are a true football fan.

Features of 

Before we get ahead with anything about Papascore, let us make you aware of the mind-blowing features that make it one-of-a-kind and desirable on the market. To your delight, there are not just one or two but umpteen number of such features that will make you feel like ‘yes I am looking for this’. So, allow us to tell you the features of this site one by one.

  • Offers live score

When it comes to the live score of a football game, there are only a few sites that do justice and Papascore is one of them. Despite being a new site, it is so quick in updating live scores that they are not late even by seconds. No matter where the match is going on, the site will catch the live updates of the match and offer you.

To get the live update, you don’t need to even doo much work. Just navigate to the site and you will find that on the homepage itself. If the match is going on today itself, it will be reflected on the top of the homepage. Else, you would need to scroll a little bit.

  • Covers of all tournaments

Another good thing about this site is that it covers almost all the tournaments going on in the world. Unlike many other sites which only focus on major tournaments, Papascore features and offers a live update of even normal matches. You can scroll down the site and click on the tournament and then the match you are looking for. As simple as it sounds.

There is a separate search box for searching the matches according to the tournament and leagues. Just put the name of the tournament there and all the matches of that league will come in front of you.

  • Offers detailed statistics

You will find only a few sites that will offer you live scores as well as detailed statistics and Papascore is one of those sites. On the homepage, you will find the live scorecard of the matches but when you will click on a particular match, it will offer all the detailed information and statistics regarding that.

Not just that but it will even offer records and other important information about those teams and their players. Be it the top player of the tournament or the upcoming fixtures, you can find all information on this site. From a tiny detail to something important, you will find everything.

  • Has an easy user interface

The most amazing feature of Papascore is that it has an incredibly easy user interface. The site has so many advanced features and despite the fact, it is so user-friendly to use. It doesn’t look unorganized at all. The homepage has a clean and neat look featuring a calendar and dates to help you search easily for any particular match.

On the top, you will find a drop-down menu for countries from where you can select the country and then all the matches of this country will appear on the homepage. To customize your search further, you can select the date after selecting the country.


Does Papascore offer live scores of other games?

No, it does not. It is completely dedicated to football only and offers every single update and information about this game. Maybe this is the reason that it is so precise and stays updated throughout the day.

Is the live score offered by Papascore authentic?

Although the site is new and you might feel like it will not be able to offer you genuine updates, it is just unbeatable when it comes to authenticity. It offers you real-time updates and you yourself can check it if you have any doubts.

It’s the sites safe to browse?

Yes, it is completely safe. You don’t need to worry about the safety factor or any other such thing while using the site because it has been designed keeping everything in mind. So, don’t worry. It’s completely safe and user-friendly.


Papascore is definitely a new site that publishes detailed statistics on football matches but the site is quite reliable and authentic. Despite being new, it can give a hard run to established sites in this niche.