A trail of Rejection as the MDC Alliance shall Laugh last.

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Sesel Zvidzai

Douglas Mwonzora and Khupe can only win in cases arbitrated by third parties. And they need biased arbitrators for success.

They have been celebrating the Pyrrhic victories which we’re midwifed by the captured courts of Zimbabwe. These are courts which may not proudly associate with the verdicts they give. They are like anybody else,victims of both direct intimidation and salient influence by the autocratic regime of ED.

But the past week has seen the arrival of a new battle field, the court of the public, the unbuyable battle field of the people, the unintimidatable court of the people. Mwonzora and Khupe are going to face loss, the frontiers of their gains will shrink as people power , shows what a juggernaut it is, pushing aside anything on its way and casting pretenders Douglas and Khupe and depositing them on the convex side of the meandering river of the National Democratic Struggle.

They are finished, they are spent and will resurface in the annals of history as our modern day “Moise Tshombes” the very Esaus of today whose appetite for nice things caused them to sacrifice their birthright

The first blood was drawn at Harare. The team of Harare councilors showed unparalleled consciousness, bravery and mission focus. They won’t be bullied by sellouts to inhibit the progress of the National Democratic Revolution. They know the project has to be prosecuted to a destination , a new Zimbabwe of Transformation, Opportunity and Prosperity. We salute the cadres at Harare town house. In the face of Zanu Pf style , of winning by intimidation and offering freebies, Jacob Mafume pounded Luxkson Mukunguma to smithereens to Land the first citizen post in Harare.

Angered , the Khupe Mwonzora cabal went on a national campaign to threaten councilors and Mayors with recalls if they do not join the bandwagon of sellouts. They are not winning. They faked pictures of the Mayor of Gwanda and lied that he has joined them. He can’t, he has such a thick political skin that nothing will push him off the MDC Alliance the only hope for Zimbabweans.

In Matebeleland North, the Democratic Councilors of Victoria falls and Hwange are resolute. They told the cabal teams that as MDC Alliance councilors, they stand with President Nelson Chamisa .

In the Midlands, the cabal used a different tactic, claiming that the Mayor of KweKwe and four councilors had jumped ship to join the Supreme Court Constructed party of Khupe. The Mayor and Councilors averred the impossibility of such ever happening. They are too sane to associate with a cabal that believes in harvesting miracle mayors and councilors and not getting them through electoral processes. KweKwe is true to the vision and mission of the National Democratic Struggle and are loyal to the MDC Alliance and it’s leader, President Nelson Chamisa

The revolutionary spirit pervades Chinhoyi. The mighty Chirorodziva caves thunder a disapproving sound for any who may be tempted to look back and betray. This is the city of the heroes who chose death to selling out in 1966. The threat of recalls is met there with palpable defiance. The Mayor and his team are ready for the morning after the recall, the reinstatement of the team by the people when the by elections are eventually called. After all these forces will be redeployed to beat Zanu in all its shades again and again.

The City of Kings and Queens, is a target for Bull-in-a -china- shop tactic. As in Harare, the cabal is prepared to collapse the councils and handover to Zanu Pf Commissions. They are shameless, Thank God, the law only allows commissions a 3 month longevity. In January or there about, Harare and Bulawayo councils will be reconstructed in the true likeness of the MDC Alliance

But Khupe and Mwonzora will be judged very harshly today and by posterity and by the citizens for causing the squandering of resources in by elections they can never dream to win. They will not be forgiven by the citizens for costing the citizens their legitimate representatives.

But the people will laugh last. They shall laugh loudest in the fullness of time.