‘Acknowledge And Solve Zimbabwe’s Challenges’ – Chamisa To Mnangagwa

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By Leopold Munhende

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to acknowledge that Zimbabwe is facing mounting problems and solve those challenges.

In a televised address to party supporters, the opposition leader also questioned Mnangagwa’s approach of blaming everyone except himself and the ruling Zanu PF government for the difficulties that the majority of Zimbabweans are going through daily.

The outspoken politician has been on leave for more than a month following the death of his mother last month in Gutu, Masvingo. Co-Vice President Welshman Ncube has been the acting president during his absence.

However, during that period scores of MDC Alliance supporters, politicians, and journalist Hopewell Chin’ono have been arrested most of them in connection with the foiled #31July protests. Other political activists are in hiding as security agents hunt for them.

“The best way to solve problems is to acknowledge those problems,” Chamisa said in reference to Mnangagwa.

“Everyone else can be wrong except him (Mnangagwa) and government, it cannot be possible that government wins against the whole world,” said Chamisa.

“Journalists are wrong, lawyers are wrong, doctors are wrong, nurses are wrong, according to government, teachers are wrong, the opposition is wrong, Bishops are wrong, Prophets are wrong, the church is wrong, South Africa is wrong, Botswana is wrong, the region is wrong, (Julius) Malema is wrong, Musi Maimane is wrong, Bobi Wine is wrong, the AU is wrong, Europe is wrong, the USA is wrong, only the government is correct and it cannot be so.

“Not only is the political leadership in our country in denial but it is also beyond them,” said Chamisa.

He added it cannot be a normal society when citizens continue to live in abject poverty while they have been held hostage by the regime for over 40 years.

“We are witnessing unprecedented levels of corruption and upon it, detentions and malicious arrests, trumped-up charges, torture, kidnappings, thuggery, coercive politics, excessive force, use of propaganda, falsehoods and concocted stories, and lies, state terrorism against citizens who are innocent and who are unarmed,” he said.

“We acknowledge your suffering. Many of us have been injured, I am aware. In the communities, I continue to receive information of how your life is unbearable. I hear of stories where people are wantonly beaten-up, terrorised. Many of us have permanent injuries.

“Many of us have gone through inhumane and degrading treatment. Many of us are now jobless, homeless, and even lifeless. Companies are out of business. Civil servants are suffering without a decent wage. Our war veterans can’t enjoy what they fought for and what we all fought for.”