Activist calls for protest against rape accused Magaya 

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By Makanaka Masenyama

POLITICAL activist Patson Dzamara has called for a public protest against Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader and self-styled prophet Walter Magaya over claims he took advantage of a teenage girl to impregnate her.

Dzamara, brother to firebrand journalist-cum-activist Itai who disappeared without trace 2015, took to Twitter to agitate for action against the controversial preacher.

“We will be marching to Magaya’s church soon. We can’t and won’t allow this nonsense to continue. Who is with me?” Dzamara asked rhetorically.

He claimed he had information that Magaya was now harassing the family of the woman with whom he had a daughter.

“I have made contact with the parents of the lady who was sexually abused by Magaya. It is disturbing to learn that Magaya has unleashed people to harass their family and they have gone into hiding. We can’t keep silent Zimbabweans. This madness must be stopped,” said Dzamara.

Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise, in a heart-rending video that has gone viral on social media, claimed Magaya, who is married, had “adopted” their two daughters in January 2013 after they were sent back home from school over fees arrears. Within months, one of the girls was pregnant.

“My daughter was sexually abused by Prophet Walter Magaya,” Molly said intermittently breaking down as she narrated the ordeal that her family went through.

Molly said it had taken years for her daughter to reveal the identity of the father of her girl child until she met a man who was willing to marry her.

The distraught Molly, sitting in what looked like a home garden, said her daughter had first told her through a graphic text message that Magaya was the father of her child.

“She said Magaya used to abuse her. She said he would force her to have sex with him in the toilet, in the prayer room…she mentioned many places. I asked her if they were in love and she said no, which suggests to me she was manipulated.

“At her tender age, she was just still a minor. My daughter was 17. She was put in a corner, she was manipulated until she gave in,” Molly says in the video.

It is not the first time the prosperity gospel preacher has been accused of rape.

He is however yet to respond to the latest accusations.