Activist Haruzivishe Further Detained

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By Mary Taruvinga

OUTSPOKEN activist and MDC Alliance official Makomborero Haruzivishe, arrested Wednesday on kidnapping accusations, has been further detained by the police.

This was after his lawyer Obey Shava indicated he wanted to challenge the arrest and also want the state to name the arresting details.

Haruzivishe said he was arrested movie style by armed men who initially intended to take him to some place before he raised alarm prompting the gang to drop him off at Harare Central police.

“They took the accused person to their unmarked vehicles and drove towards Chitungwiza.

“The accused saved himself by screaming that he was being kidnapped after he saw people.

“Only then did the arresting suspects make a u-turn and dropped him at Harare Central Police Station,” he said.

Shava told magistrate Isheanesu Matova that the people who arrested the activist refused to identify themselves.

Prosecutor Shambidzeni Fungura said there was no time to entertain the application and the matter was rolled over to this Saturday.

It is state’s case that on October 15, 2020 at around 1500hrs, the activist, who was in company of Prince Gora, Youngerson Matete who have been arrested in connection with this case and others still at large unlawfully locked the employees of Impala Motor Spares inside the shop.

“They held and waved placards denouncing the incarceration of Takudzwa Ngadziore. The accused person used a chain and lock to secure the entrance to the shop thus denying their freedom.

“The accused then left some of the placards at the premises’ entrance while leaving the employees at the scene still locked inside the shop premises. The employees were later rescued by members of the police,” said Fungura.

An affidavit attached to court papers shows that the state is opposed to bail.

George Garauzive says Haruzivishe is likely to abscond.

“Accused has the propensity to abscond court as evidenced by the Harare Magistrates Court CRB 2450/29 and 6184/20 where warrants of his arrest were issued after he defaulted court upon his arrest. Upon his arrest accused also attempted to flee. Accused person and his accomplices who are still at large have vowed to continue committing similar offences in the vicinities of witness premises,” said Garauzive.