Adulterous woman chopped to death by boyfriend

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By Mary Taruvinga

AN adulterous Murewa woman was chopped to death by her lover who accused her of leaking the pair’s illicit affair to the community, the High Court has heard.

Togarasei Mashumba is on trial before High Court Judge Ammie Tsanga, two years after he allegedly committed the heinous offence on Anna Kafura.

Kafura’s two minor kids woke up to the horror of discovering their mother’s body chopped in one of the rooms at their rural Murewa home.

Court heard, Kafura’s husband was working away from home and Mashumba would frequent his home to do menial jobs in exchange for money before he jumped onto his matrimonial bed.

The children also revealed to him that Mashumba came almost on a daily basis to enjoy supper at the couple’s home.

Kafura’s father-in-law, Gilbert Bonde also told court that the rumour that her deceased daughter-in-law was having an affair with Mashumba had reached his ears.

“I know the accused as a fellow villager but I also gathered that he was now having an affair with my daughter-in-law,” said Gilbert Bonde.

According to the State, the fateful incident occurred on July 19 2017.

Mashumba went to Kafura’s homestead and told her that “rumours of their love affair were circulating in the area and that he was going to kill anyone he heard talking about it.”

Court heard Mashumba later got hold of Kafura’s cell phone while she was relieving herself outside the house.

It is alleged that upon her return, the two had a scuffle over the phone before Mashumba ordered the deceased to follow him home.

Kafura allegedly followed but returned home in the company of the accused.

It is further alleged the two were still exchanging insults when Kafura’s children fell asleep.

The following morning the children woke up but could not locate their mother.

The court heard they searched their homestead and found her body lying chopped up in one of the disused houses.

They reported the case to their grandfather and narrated what they witnessed the previous night.

The case was investigated and findings pointed to Mashumba as the culprit.

He was already in hiding but the police managed to apprehend him later.

Mashumba allegedly made indications on how he murdered Kafura.

The State also alleges that the axe he used to chop Kafura was recovered from his home.