After failed justice in South Africa, dad finally arrested in Zim for sodomising sons

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A HARARE mother is heartbroken after her husband sodomised her two sons aged 3 years and nine months after telling her that he was no longer interested in her, court heard on Friday.

The incident occurred when she was staying in Pretoria, South Africa with her husband and two kids.

After failing to get any help following the abuse of her children, she reportedly sold her property and fled back home where it was established that all the two boys were abused and had sexually transmitted diseases.

Their father who cannot be named to protect the identity of the minors appeared before Harare magistrate Tilda Mazhande answering to aggravated indecent assault charges.

He was denied bail and was remanded in custody to May 4 pending his trial.

Prosecutor Linda Gadzikwa said medical affidavits will be produced in court as exhibits.

The abuse allegedly occurred from 2016 up until November last year.

Court heard that sometime in 2016 the accused told his wife that she was no longer attractive before he started using the spare bedroom.

It is alleged that he became so close to his son and would sleep with him and change his diapers.

The boy developed sores on his back passage and the accused told the unsuspecting mother that he was reacting to diapers.

According to the state, the wife later sought help and convinced her husband to have sex with her.

She then fell pregnant and gave birth to another baby boy before her husband left her again.

Court heard the husband would cuddle his younger son in bed and one day the wife was awakened by her husband’s movements and caught him red handed abusing their nine months old son.

It is alleged that she confronted him but he told her that he had rights to do whatever he wished with her two boys.

The following morning the mother went to the police who asked her to bring the semen she allegedly found on the boy after he was abused which stalled her case.

After being frustrated by South African authorities she sold her refrigerator and fled to back to Zimbabwe where she reported the case.

The two boys were examined and it was established that they were abused.

Her husband was arrested recently after he came to Zimbabwe to visit his family.