After Kwekwe tender storm, transport ministry confirms weak system 

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By Staff Reporter

FOLLOWING revelations Kwekwe city council failed to account for millions of dollars disbursed to it under the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP2), the transport ministry has conceded that its system of vetting bids is weak.

Kwekwe received ZW$68 258 834.18 from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) and accepted bids for rehabilitation of selected roads to two, shadowy, Harare based companies Zada Construction and Birthday Construction.

Both companies, whose addresses of operation were fake, failed to deliver even after full payment was confirmed.

Speaking after touring some of the roads being rehabilitated under the ERRP2, deputy minister of transport Mike Madiro said they were now working on tightening their system to shut out contractors who have been taking advantage of gaps within the system.

“We are experiencing challenges with some contractors in terms of their quality of work,” said Madiro.

“We want to ensure that we tighten our systems in terms of tendering, I think that is a problem in the system. We have a problem of fly by night contractors who want to take advantage of our weak systems in terms of identifying those with the capacity to do the works.

“I think that has been identified and I am happy that action is already being taken to make sure that contracts are terminated,” he said.

Madiro said government was working on blacklisting all companies which do not deliver value for the money they would have been paid.