Age, Tamy’s biggest musical challenge

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei 

AFROPOP Fusion sensation, Tamy Moyo has revealed that the biggest challenge she has faced thus far is her age.

Now 21, who released her first single at 13, said back then age limited her opportunities adding promoters and fellow artistes often snub her because of her tender age. She was speaking to in a recent interview.

“A lot of people never used to take me seriously because of my age.

“I would be cancelled out of programs or a certain criteria because i was young, people would ask me that this is not the time for you to be doing this just stay in school and this is great advice but sometimes comes as a disadvantage,” Moyo said.

The ‘Tekere’ hitmaker said while the entertainment industry is a “cutthroat” business she has turned to her family and management which has transformed into a support structure.

“It hasn’t been easy but I have a great support structure, my parents have been supporting me since the first day.

“They have helped me on my way up. They have given me the privilege of their support which is something very few females get. They have always been by my side to make sure they are no predators around me, they just protect me from that,” she said.

Moyo added that gender bias was another of the many challenges she has had to deal with but has remained focused on herself and what she values best than be distracted.

Like many facets of Zimbabwe’s social fabric, males outnumber females in the music industry.

The musician said with her family’s encouragement ventured into music at only seven years of age and in her teen years released tracks like Ndibereke and Ndyeke.

Now a trendsetter, Tamy real name Thamsanqa Moyo has rubbed shoulders with luminaries, such as the late Olive Mtukudzi, Winky D, Ammara Brown and South Africa’s Boity as well as appearing on Africa’s prominent show, Coke Studio in Kenya.

Recently she released her track “Kwandinobva” which celebrates African culture.

She is set for her debut all female concert dubbed the Tamy Experience scheduled for the 6th of June this year at The Venue, Avondale, Harare.