Ailing sect leader faces church wrath for seeking treatment in hospital

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By Mary Taruvinga

Mugodhi Apostolic Faith Church has filed an urgent chamber application with the High Court seeking to bar their leader, Bishop Tadewu Mugodhi to appoint his son, Washington as the vice bishop of the church saying the appointment is unlawful.

In an urgent chamber application filed by the sect’s vice bishop, Tonny Sigauke, Tadewu is accused of visiting a hospital for treatment in February this year and not confessing before the church leaders so that he can be forgiven and accepted back into the church.

According to the church, Tadewu is suffering from a terminal sickness which is making him to make decisions which are contrary to the provisions of the church’s constitution.

The church is seeking court’s immediate intervention saying if not stopped, the appointment will cause serious problems for their sect.

This is an urgent application for an interim interdict in terms of the rules of this court prohibiting the first respondent (Tadewu) to perform his functions as the church’s bishop because he is now incapacitated by a terminal illness as it is against the constitution of the church.

“Sometime in February this year, Tadewu fell ill and was diagnosed with a terminal illness and is currently undergoing treatment. He is now unable to perform his normal duties as the bishop and has been making fatal decisions which are affecting the church negatively.

“On August 2019, Tadewu called a meeting where he made a pronouncement that his son is now holding the office of a vice bishop.

“The first respondent was appointed the church’s bishop in terms of the constitution but has fallen ill and is unable to perform his duties,” the church said in its application.

According to the application, no member of the sect is allowed to seek treatment at hospitals except for burns and broken parts of the body.

If one goes to hospital, he/she should be allowed to finish treatment then confess before leaders who would cleanse them.

According to the application, the congregants now have confusion, fear and anxiety.

The church is having conference which is running from this Monday until the 29th of August.

It wrote in the application that it is at such conferences where bishops, pastors and other church leaders’ appointments are confirmed.

The church leader, Bishop Tadewu Mugodhi, his son Washington were cited as respondents.

Other respondents are Innocent and Enock Mugodhi.