All Hopes on Saviour to carry the cross

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By Peter Moyo

Zimbabwe needs a Saviour now, more than ever. Many opposition characters and trusted leaders are crumbling under pressure and selling out the masses are dejected and alone. Nelson Chamisa is embroiled in a custody battle with Thokozani Khuphe as they battle to become Tsvangirai’s sara pa vana.

The people are now pinning their hopes on Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, better known as Tyson, to take the bull by its horns. The name Tyson came out of cde Kasukuwere’s firmness in terms of facing challenges.

We can safely tell that Chamisa and opposition have reached expiring date and have no further clue to save the people from Zanu pf Death Jaws.

It is time to break opposition monopoly. Mdc has monopolised opposition space for too long without delivering victory. It is giving a 3 thirds majority to Zanu PF in every election, making it easy for Zanu PF to dictate and introduce anti people policies. It is time Zimbabwe takes its vote to someone better, someone who is ready to prioritise the suffering masses.

Where as the opposition has focused mostly on towns and cities, Tyson has the masses in rural areas where he is well experienced. He fully understands the rural terrain which has been neglected by the opposition.

Tyson has support in the system and him being cleared of all corruption allegations, he is ready to stir the ship which has been stirred out of course by the ruling party, as seen by the economic meltdown which has caused much suffering to the ordinary people.

In the face of Covid-19 virus, the government has not done much to protect its people. One would expect people to be cushioned in terms of basic services like providing free water and electricity during lockdown but nothing came from the government showing that its not pro poor.

On the other hand, Chamisa, who always boasts of rich foreign friends, has failed to mobilise funds for just sanitisers or at least green bar soap for people to regularly sanitise and wash hands. We clearly have a government and opposition which does not value those who voted for them.

Most urban hospitals are run by MDC led councils but they too have not showed preparedness in the face of coronavirus. Even while it is encouraged to wash hands, the councils have failed to provide clean water hence placing citizens at the mercy of Covid-19.

The MDC and all its formations have clearly showed that it has no capacity to dethrone Zanu Pf. Zanu pf can only be dislodged by someone who understands its internal operations hence Zimbabwe should pin its hopes on Tyson. The man has worked in various capacities in Zanu pf and proved his leadership as a youth leader, as minister and as a commissar .

This government led by baba Rwizi has since long lost its goodwill from the people and is characterised by selfish statutory instruments meant to buttress its looting and highest levels of corruption. Baba Rwizi has failed dismally in terms  of alleviating people’s poverty, pains and suffering; instead he has a set a record for himself of hiring private jets from Dubai to come ferry him from Harare to Bulawayo. Baba Rwizi has matched if not broken the record of Mobuto Seseseko whose children would fly to France every day for school.

Amai Rwizi on the other hand all along parading herself as a health ambassador, getting hours of broadcast time from Zbc. Where is she in these Covid-19 times? Our hospitals are nowhere near prepared, our doctors are protesting lack of protective equipment.

The time is now for people to break the monopoly of both selfish baba Rwizi led Zanu PF and all factions of MDC. The time is now to pin our hopes on a young, experienced, capable and people’s empowerment driven Saviour Kasukuwere.

In times of global crises like these Covid-19 times, a consulting leader like Tyson would have led us far much better. Instead of copying and pasting president Ramaphosa measures, Zimbabwe would have had its own customised measures that are effective yet catering for the Zimbabwean unique environment. South Africans on twitter are now calling Baba Rwizi the governor of Limpopo North Province because of his copying and pasting.

Even in the face of the deadly Covid-19 virus when people are being called the world over to practise social distancing, Baba Rwizi’s government has failed to provide mealie meal hence people are jostling pushing and shoving in mealie meal queues.

The hopes of our people are now pinned on Tyson. The hope of our gogos in Chendambuya who are starving and surviving on mawuyu and ant hill soil.

The hope of vendors in every city who have their wares confiscated by MDC councils everyday. Harare Municipal Police have confiscated vegetables sold by vendors at designated vending stalls in most parts of the city.

This is a barbaric act by the MDC led Council with the support of the ZANU PF central government. How do you take away Mai Simba’s only source of livelihood during such difficult times?

Mai Simba and several others like her love from hand to mouth and those vending stalls are their only source of income.

Who does the Harare city Council serve if not the ordinary person like Mai Simba trying to sell tomatoes and vegetables to earn a decent living? The action by Harare Municipal police is inconsiderate, inhumane and unAfrican

The hope of every school going child whose wish is to finish school, get a skill and get a job.The hope of every single parent who desires to put food on the table, afford school fees, have a functioning basic health care system, build savings for the future and live happily ever after. The hope of thousands of young people with degrees but no jobs, thousands still to graduate but no hope of getting jobs.

The hope of our people is not to have mortuaries ‘anotonhorera’ , it is not to be used as baits in factional court fights.The hope of our people is not in garrisons shops, it is definitely not in policies that will have them lose their pieces of land. The hope of our people is clearly defined and has been pinned on Saviour Kasukuwere. Mkoma Tyson sunga jombo tiende chauya chauya.

Peter Moyo is a Politics Lecturer, University of Oxford