All set for Mafuwe dance festival in Mbare’s Stodart

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By Tendai Chekenyere

AN international dance festival known as Mafuwe is set to be held for the first time from this Friday 16 to 18 August at the Theatre National Ballet and Stodart in Mbare with aim of giving hope to the artistic scene of Zimbabwe.

The Mafuwe international festival of dance was founded by creative entrepreneur Plot Mhako, a Nama award winning choreographer and artistic director Brian Geza as well as award winning German dramaturge and arts producer Cindy Janicke.

Their objective was to create unity through dance and movement by bringing together Pan-African and international performances which deal with a diversity and intercultural understanding, where dance can be used as a common ground, as communication tools, as way of living and seeing the world.

”We took a very bold step to launch the festival at a time when the country is going through a difficult economic phase.

“We believe this is the right moment to use creativity to spark new energies and imagination. The arts play key role in inspiring the people and Zimbabwe right now needs that,” said the festival team.

Speaking at a press conference, Janicke said they are hosting the dancing festival in Zimbabwe to bring ideas about other cultures and create a sustainable contemporary dance network in the country, across Africa and the world that nurtures professional artistic exchange.

“It is the right moment to do the Mufuwe International festival because it should give some fresh energy and hope into the artistic scene of Zimbabwe,” she said.

“I think there is a lot that can come from the artistic scene in Zimbabwe to change what’s happening in the country.”

NAMA award winner, Macintosh Pedzisayi Jerahuni who is the founder of ‘The Jerahuni Movement Factory said the dance festival is going to be one of the amazing platforms for Zimbabwean dancers to get ideas from other dancers out of Zimbabwe by networking.

“This is an opportunity especially for dancers in Zimbabwe and I hope they will make use of that amazing opportunity to create those artistic networks.” said Jerahuni.