Allan Wilson High School pupils demo in pictures

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By Idah Mhetu

PUPILS at Allan Wilson High School in Harare this week demonstrated against their headmaster and his deputy, demanding changes to the way the boys’ school was managed.

Authorities from the Ministry of Education had to be called in to quell an explosive situation. was there to capture some of the lasting images:

Calm before the storm…Allan Wilson High School students wait to be addressed by government officials

The pupils waved placards with one synchronised message, they want the school head and his deputy removed

Even those in lower classes took part in the demonstrations that up to Monday had entered a third day

As Education Ministry officials addressed the pupils still gathered the courage to air their views

Complaints against school management ranged from the deputy head keeping his extended family in dormitories and painting the school wall pink which the pupils argued was more associated with girls

The more daring of the school pupils sang songs denigrating the school head and his deputy

Instead of calming the students the presence of police at the school actually stoked tensions