Amai Mugabe Vs Far-Right Idealism  

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AfriForum is not a ‘civil rights movement’. There is nothing ‘civil’ about a biased and intolerant right wing political lobby group whose primary focus is white ethnic mobilisation against any form of black empowerment or land redistribution.
This is an organisation that represents white Afrikaner farmers opposed to the abolition of South Africa’s race-based system of apartheid and maintenance of unequal status quo.
The organisation was established to preserve and protect white apartheid policies and white privilege and nothing else. They don’t even hide that deplorable fact.
On their website they are very clear what they stand for and who they represent, and that is a “specific focus on the rights of Afrikaners.” It is from this backdrop that they jumped to the ‘rescue’ of that girl who was supposedly assault by the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.
Let us get this clear right from the start AfriForum represents preservation of white privilege.
Amai Mugabe is the wife of President Mugabe, the man who has dismantled white privilege and white monopoly on land ownership in Zimbabwe. AfriForum represents white monopolisation of land and the economy in South Africa. So, AfriForum jumping on to this case is nothing short of an assault on the Zimbabwe land reform and any potential knock-on effect in South Africa.
Once you have far-right wing political lobby groups like AfriForum hijacking this supposed case of assault against the Zimbabwe First Lady, then you know this definitely is not about the alleged assault. This is now a clear case of retaliatory antics against Zimbabwe’s Land Reform.
The moment this girl (allegedly drug mule, drug dealer etc) engaged this racist group is the moment this supposed case ceased being about the alleged assault and more of an assault on Zimbabwe for daring to take back her land from the white minority and into hands of the landless majority.
AfriForum never lifted a finger when Marikana 34 were gunned down, never moved an inch when that young man was bundled alive into a coffin by some white supremacists? Did you hear of AfriForum offering their services?
It is quite interesting to note that AfriForum masquerades as a civil rights movement against racism.
Earlier this year, Afriforum laid criminal charges against 100 social media users for racism, hate speech and incitement to murder and rape. Rightly so, racism and hate speech must be stamped out. It has no place in any society.Advertisement

The problem with AfriForum’s 100 names fingered in racism and hate speech is that they were all black. Yes all the 100 cases were black on white racism. There was no white on black racism case in South Africa according to AfriForum.
This is an organisation that is prepared to ignore rampant racism within its own ranks and makes spurious cases against blacks.
The point of this little background is to highlight why AfriForum’s representation of that girl is not out love for the girl but rather deep-seated hatred against anything Mugabe for reversing historical injustices and skewed land ownership perpetuated by a racist system that AfriForum strongly subscribes to.
This has nothing to do with justice for the girl but rather an attempt by a racially biased right-wing political lobby group to settle scores with the Zimbabwe government for taking her land back.
As AfriForum wades into simple domestic disputes for self-serving purposes, let’s just highlight some of the credentials of the Zimbabwean First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe.
Without a shadow of doubt, Amai Mugabe is a woman of substance, a woman with a real charitable bone and a woman of real influence. The international media has unfortunately and erroneously carried headlines portraying an uncaring and over-indulgent First Lady.
However, behind those sound-bites, media extracts and sensational headlines there is an intelligent woman of meaning who is very much in touch with the grassroots.
Her selfless sacrifice to needy and orphaned children has gone largely unreported by those who paint the dishonest picture of a substance-free First Lady.
The fact of the matter is that Dr Grace Mugabe is a progressive prime mover, the mother and the brains behind a well-run Children’s Home in Mazowe and school and working on plans for a University that will benefit present and future generations of Zimbabwe. Those are facts, not hearsay or allegations.
Many people, locally in particular, are quick to dismiss and ridicule the First Lady, but most of those who do will not cut when it comes to a moral test. Most people are out for themselves, they stampede on the weak to get ahead. There is no time for them to look at those less fortunate than them. It is all about the self.
The work that the First Lady in terms of charity is unparalleled in Zimbabwe at the moment. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of being given a tour of the facilities of her complex in Mazowe by the First Lady herself and I have to say, this is one highly organised woman.
Everything about Amai Mugabe is on point, the welcome and the service and the staff. She runs a tight and effective ship and the results are right there on the ground for all to see. Many ululate at NGOs who come to tick their boxes and dismiss the First Lady whose charitable work is deeply entrenched into the roots of the local community. This is real charity not the the tick-boxes of the external players. 
Dr Grace Mugabe has often described herself as a ‘workaholic’ and that is fully backed by results of her hard work on the ground. She has the charitable bone permanently etched right down to her spirit.  There indeed is profound depth and a genuine desire to uplift and upgrade the lives of the disadvantaged and unprivileged. 
The reassuring thing about Amai Mugabe is that it is not all empty words, she is a woman of action and she has the charitable curriculum vitae to back it.
She is upholds the very same principles as her husband President Mugabe who has dedicated his entire life liberating and empowering the indigenous African peoples and redressing the inequalities created by the colonial system.
She like President Mugabe has emphasised the urgent requirement to start unlocking, dismantling and restructuring the previously biased system which still continues to tie down African minds and limiting their potential to enhance themselves. No gimmicks but this as real as life itself gets, the freshness and reality of the grassroots, physically touching the ground and tackling issues head-on. There is a lot more substance behind those dramatic news headlines and sensational media clips. This is what frightens far-right wing groups like AfriForum hence their uncharacteristic defence of this girl who was supposedly assaulted.