‘Ancestor’ Mugabe now belongs to the dead, says war veterans chief

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By Paidashe Mandivengerei

WAR veterans secretary general Victor Matemadanda has said former President Robert Mugabe’s advanced age now made him an “ancestor” whose only suitable place was among the dead.

He was speaking at a media briefing in Harare on Tuesday.

Matemadanda took a swipe at MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa for allegedly jumping into bed with the country’s former leader.

He was referring to Chamisa’s appeals during campaigns for the July 30 elections for Zimbabweans to embrace their former leader who had been forsaken by his former allies.

But this has annoyed war veterans who felt Chamisa was displaying double standards by associating with Mugabe.

“Chamisa was referring to Mugabe as a monster and today, he says he is referring to him as a good old…I don’t know whether he calls him a brother; he (Mugabe) is not even supposed to be alive because people of his age are all dead. I don’t know whether to call him his (Chamisa) ancestor or what,” Matemadanda said.

Before his November ouster, Mugabe, now 94, had become an object of ridicule especially among his opposition opponents who felt he was nolonger befitting to continue holding on to the country’s top job.

Mugabe was often pictured dossing off during international summits but for all his faults, Zanu PF stood firmly behind him.

The ill-disposed remark follows an almost similar rebuke directed at the same former leader by war veterans association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya at a press conference held earlier this month.

Mahiya said Mugabe was no longer befitting of any burial at the National Heroes Acre.

“Mugabe does not deserve to be laid on the Heroes’ Acre because of his previous and current activities in politics,” Mahiya said.