Anger as Zim power outages worsen

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There is anger in Zimbabwe over a tough new load-shedding schedule planned for the coming months.

Zimbabwe’s main hydro-power station at Lake Kariba has been hit by falling water levels, and many areas in the country were having to go for up to eight hours a day without power.

Economic commentator Vince Musewe said that these power cuts meant production schedules for struggling companies would not be met.

He said the current power shortages were anticipated and that plans would have been put in place six months ago to import power from neighbouring Mozambique.

Local reports suggested Energy Minister Joram Gumbo would travel to Mozambique to try to agree on a power deal.

Precious Shumba, director of the Harare Residents Trust, said most suburbs in the capital were going for eight hours a day without power.

He said the cuts would hit poor households hard, as they would have to fork out unbudgeted money for candles, paraffin, gas and firewood, all of which were in short supply.