Animal ‘Husbandry’ Gone Wrong As Herd Boy (19) ‘Rapes’ Goat

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By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

A 19-YEAR-OLD Nyabira goat herder seems to have read the phrase ‘animal husbandry’ wrongly after he turned “husband” to a female goat on which he performed some sexual acts.

For the mischief, Forget Ngwenya was dragged to court this week charged with bestiality.

Chinhoyi magistrate Tamari Chibindi convicted Ngwenya of crime and commuted his six months prison sentence to unpaid work at Imano Clinic.

The state case, led by Chipo Gowa, was that on 6 April this year at around 11am at the boundary of Delamore and Hilbre farms in Nyabira, outside Harare, a security guard identified as Joseph Samo was conducting perimetre checks when he spotted Ngwenya herding a trip of goats near a river.

The guard who kept monitoring Ngwenya, saw the latter lowering his trousers before firmly gripping a female goat.

The herdboy then sexually violated the domestic animal while the security guard watched from a distance.

After Ngwenya was done and dressing up, the guard-turned-informant confronted him over the distasteful act.

The court heard Ngwenya pleaded with Samo not to divulge the matter to anyone, but a report was made to Isaac Makuvire, a farmer who owns the goats.

A report was lodged at Nyabira police station leading to Ngwenya’s arrest.