APA’s Nkosana Moyo defends ‘unique’ campaign strategy

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By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION Alliance for the People`s Agenda (APA) leader and presidential hopeful Nkosana Moyo has defended his campaign strategy saying it gives him an opportunity to understand the concerns of the citizenry.

Unlike most political parties which opt for rallies to engage with their members, Moyo says the top down approach is not an effective strategy.

“What is confusing people is that APA`s campaign strategy is completely different to what everyone else is doing. I have literally been doing walkabouts, I have just done Bulawayo and I am now in Victoria Falls,” said Moyo, in a radio interview with a local station on Monday.

“Normally people would expect that when I turn up in Hwange or Bulawayo there will be a rally and we are not doing that.”

The former cabinet minister said they have been having one-on-one engagements which have proven to be “incredibly valuable because of the real engagement that takes place between us and the population”.

“We get to listen to them rather than us just talking to them.”

Moyo castigated the leadership style in the country which he said was a top-down approach where leaders talk to people instead of listening to their concerns.

He defended his campaign saying it gives his party the opportunity to dispel a long-standing practice where people are given tokens in the form of t-shirts or even alcohol in exchange for votes.

“The seeds of corruption come from this interaction where in fact the vote becomes a transaction; in other words, I buy you beer and you vote for me. That is corruption,” Moyo noted.

Moyo also revealed that his party are currently compiling a list of candidates for local government as well as Parliament ahead of the July harmonised elections.