Ariana Grande shares childhood clip of singing Celine Dion

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Daily Mail

Ariana Grande was clearly always destined for stardom.

The 25-year-old singer tweeted a touching black and white video on Christmas Eve showing herself as a small child singing the 1997 Celine Dion song The Reason in the car.

She then posted a follow-up video of herself and her mother Joan Grande respectively singing Celine and Barbra Streisand’s parts in their 1997 duet Tell Him.

Ariana was born in 1993 and appears young enough in the video clip that both numbers may have been brand new hits when the footage was recorded.

The first video starts with Joan saying: ‘What else would you like to sing?’ and Ariana eagerly responding: ‘The next song!’ before The Reason comes on.

Once the song gets going, Ariana belts along to Celine’s bellowing notes, hinting at the powerful singing voice she would become famous for later.

In the second video, Joan and Ariana have a bit of a back and forth over who will sing Barbra’s part and who will get Celine’s, until they decide Joan will be Barbra.

Ariana wrote above the video that ‘we still sing this,’ adding that Joan is ‘still barbara and still this stunning and cute if not more so’.

Both The Reason and Tell Him were included on Celine’s 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love, which reached number one on the Billboard 200 in January 1998.

Tell Him was also featured on Barbra’s album Higher Ground, which topped the Billboard 200 in November 1997, the month both it and Celine’s album came out.

When her 2014 album Partners topped the Billboard 200 list, Barbra became the first musical artist with a number one album in six decades running.

At her tender age, Ariana has already had three albums at the top of the Billboard 200 – Yours Truly in 2013, My Everything in 2014 and Sweetener this summer.