Armed Robbers Cut Off Woman’s Palm In US$3k Heist

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Mashonaland East Correspondent

A daring Machete gang reportedly besieged the home of a Wedza family, cut off a woman’s palm before stealing US$3 124.

Mashonaland East Province’s police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii in a statement confirmed the attack adding that the six armed robbers are currently on the run.

“Police are appealing for information that may lead to the arrest of the six robbers. We also urge people to report such cases to police whenever they get any chance,” read the statement.

According to the statement, on August 27, at around 2230hrs, Faith Mhembe (24) was sitting in her dining room with her daughter when she realised that six men with their faces covered with balaclavas had entered the yard.

Mhembe called her husband who had travelled to Harare that there were intruders in the yard.

The armed robbers then broke into the house and disconnected electricity.

One of the robbers was armed with a rifle while others held machetes and iron bars.

They demanded money from Mhembe but she refused to give them any.

The men then broke onto the couple’s safe but could not find money.

They then started assaulting Mhembe using the blade of a machete as well as clenched fists but she refused to give them the cash.

In rage, one of the robbers then cut Mhembe’s palm with a machete and after feeling the pain, she then handed them US$2000 dollars that was hidden in a diary in the wardrobe.

The robbers counted the money and were not satisfied before demanding more.

They continued assaulting her while others were busy searching the house and came across US$1000 that was on top of the wardrobe. They also searched Mhembe’s handbag and took US$24.

One of the robbers then tied Mhembe’s hands on the back using a necktie and took her cellphone before fleeing from the scene.

Mhembe managed to untie herself and filed a police report Wedza Police Station. She was also taken to Mt St Mary’s Hospital for treatment.