Armed Robbers Raid GMB Binga, Steal Electricity Cables

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By Matabeleland North Correspondent

FIVE unidentified robbers armed with pistols raided the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depot in Lusulu, Binga and went away with two rolls of electricity cables that were kept at the premises after tying one of the security guards with ropes.

The five men are said to have failed to lift one of the cable rolls into their vehicle and tied it to the back of the vehicle before dragging it away.

According to a police report, the robbers spoke in Zulu language popularly spoken by Zimbabweans based in South Africa better known as injiva. They were armed with pistols and arrived at the depot which is located near Lusulu business centre just after midnight Wednesday driving a Toyota Quantum with no registration numbers.

They went on to park the vehicle near the main gate while claiming to have had a breakdown.

A report made to the police stated that the suspects asked for water and the security guards Mthulisi Mpofu and Robert Muleya told them to go away as they had no water to give them. The guards ordered them to push their vehicle away from the gate.

However, moments later the five robbers used a bolt cutter to cut a security chain securing the main gate before charging at the security guards upon which they tied Muleya. They failed to catch Mpofu who ran and made a report to the police.

“On Wednesday at midnight, five unidentified men approached Mthulisi Mpofu and Robert Muleya pretending to ask for water purporting to have a breakdown. Their Toyota Quantum had no number plates,” read the police report.

“A few moments later, the suspects suddenly charged towards the gate, cut the security chain with a bolt cutter whereupon two of them grabbed Muleya and tied his legs and hands with ropes. The other two chased after Mpofu but he outpaced them. The fifth suspect allegedly ran to the vehicle and drove into the depot where they all loaded one roll of electricity armoured cable about 150 metres long.

“They allegedly failed to load the other roll and tied it on the back of the vehicle and drove off from the scene.”

Police attended to the scene and found Muleya still tied. The GMB is a State-owned company.

No arrest had been made and investigations were underway.