Armed robbers pounce on family, rape two sisters; MP slams bailing of crime suspects with Zanu PF links

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By Staff Reporter

KWEKWE: In a tragic incident, two minor girls were raped in Mbizo when armed robbers pounced on their family residence Sunday.

Mbizo Member of Parliament (MP), Settlement Chikwinya confirmed the tragedy and added that his constituency continues to be a haven of criminal activities.

“Last night (Sunday) a couple in Mbizo 19 were victims to armed robbery with the robbers unfortunately proceeding to rape the two minor girls who are children to the couple,” he said.

Chikwinya said what was saddening in these criminal activities was that while police would be doing their best to investigate the crimes and putting the criminals behind bars, the accused who are allegedly connected to the ruling Zanu PF party continue getting bail.

“More sad is that while the police are doing their best to investigate and arrest these criminals, our courts continue to grant the same individuals bail on top of other bails for other similar crimes.

“We have basically the same set of individuals who habitually commit crime in Mbizo under the same modus operandi, ZRP arrests them, but our courts grant them bail.

“They get out and they repeat same type of crime. It ends up disheartening the police and the community that cooperates towards giving leads for arrest of these individuals,” he said.

He alleged criminals were connected to the ruling party.

“What is more sad is that these known criminals find home in Zanu PF, they are part of security teams for known and high ranking Zanu PF officials, and this is what makes it difficult for the courts to deny them bail.

“If Zanu PF senior officials in Kwekwe deny association with these individuals, it will not take a day longer to reduce crime in Mbizo and Kwekwe in general,” he said.

Chikwinya urged politicians to respect the sanctity of life.

“In pursuit of political power, we must stand with the same communities we purport to lead and provide leadership for the safety of the same communities,” he said.