Armed soldiers fire live bullets at Chamisa, says MDC

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By Idah Mhetu

ARMED members of the military Sunday fired live bullets at MDC leader Nelson Chamisa in Marondera, the opposition chief’s spokesperson has said.

Nkululeko Sibanda told that Chamisa was commemorating National Tree Planting Day in the tiny farming town when he was subjected to the ordeal.

He said members of the army disrupted the event while detonating teargas canisters in the direction of the MDC leader and his entourage.

The incident, according to Sibanda, happened at Dombotombo Clinic.

“They fired live ammunition in the direction of Chamisa,” Sibanda said.

“President Chamisa was planting trees in Marondera when he was attacked by the military and heavily armed police.

“We are just going to ascertain his condition. He is unfazed, he will continue with his activities…they threw teargas, dogs and all kinds of vicious ammunition.

“So, it’s a tense situation. We will see how it unfolds because it’s tense and unpredictable.”

Marondera Central legislator Caston Matewu also took to his Twitter to confirm the incident.

“Live shots fired at President Chamisa. l was beside him. We were missed by a whisker. We were only planting trees for National Tree Planting Day in Marondera today,” said Matewu.

Coincidentally, Marondera is also the scene of another gunshot ordeal allegedly suffered by Mateu August this year.

The MDC lawmaker said, then, that unknown people opened fire outside his home.

Mateu, at the time claimed the gunshots from what he suspected to be an automatic weapon went on for about 20 seconds before the assailants sped off in the dead of night.

No one was injured.

As for Chamisa, the Marondera drama is not the first assassination attempt allegedly targeted at the opposition leader.

November last year, MDC claimed Chamisa escaped an abduction attempt by suspected state security agents.

The incident occurred as an MDC convoy was returning from a rally, coincidentally, in Marondera.

Government was quick to distance security agents from the alleged incident.