Arrested CCC activists nightmare continues, bail ruling moved to Thursday

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By Mary Taruvinga

The nightmare for jailed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) continues after their bail ruling was moved to this Thursday.

This follows the failure by the State to meet its deadline to file closing submissions which resulted in the defence failing to meet its deadline as well.

CCC interim leader Jameson Timba and 79 party activists were arrested on June 16 on allegations of participating in an unlawful gathering and disorderly conduct.

The presiding magistrate, Ruth Moyo said she now needs time to go through the submissions before she hands down her bail ruling before she rolled over the hearing to this Thursday.

Lawyers representing the suspects tried to beg the court to hand down its ruling today but Moyo said it would be unfair on her considering that the record is huge and parties had failed to meet their deadlines.

The state denied allegations that it failed to meet the deadline to file its papers.

“We did not see anyone from the defence’s office to come and collect the closing submissions.

“We do not have a messenger in the National Prosecuting Authority,” Thomas Chanakira representing the state.

Webster Jiti begged the magistrate to bear with them.

“…Bearing in mind the status of the accused, languishing in remand prison, they are already serving.

“If the ruling cannot be handed down at 14:00hrs, we submit that even at 17:00hrs your worship.

“We make this humble submission that the ruling be handed earlier so that the accused do not continue being prejudiced.

“It is a plea your worship,” Jiti said.

Moyo said this was impossible.

“Let’s be fair. All of you failed to meet the deadline. Now you expect the court to hand down the ruling this afternoon. Is it fair?

“The matter is postponed to the 27th of June for bail ruling,” she said.