Artists send solidarity messages to Winky D after police block ‘Ibotso’ performance

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By Staff Reporter

MUSICIANS have sent solidarity messages to Zimdancehall sensation Winky D after the artist was shoved off the stage by police for performing the track ‘Ibotso’ off his Eureka Eureka album.

The incident which took social media by storm occurred on Saturday night when the gaffer was about to perform the song ‘Ibotso’ which speaks against corruption and looting.

Rapper, Awa Khiwe said efforts to muzzle Winky D were futile as his voice resonates with the suffering masses.

“Even if they cut off his mic, people can still sing his songs word for word. He is the voice of the people and he will never be silenced.

“History will remember him as the artist who chose to stand with the struggling people of Zimbabwe during tough times, risking his life and refusing to accept blood money,” the rapper said.

Following the incident Baba Harare posted a picture with Winky D captioned ‘I am just an artist’, revealing that he too had a show banned by the police.

Baba Harare, who has been at odds with Zanu Pf supporters for advocating for youths to register to vote with police refusing to grant him clearance.

Our scheduled show in Chitungwiza was cancelled due to @PoliceZimbabwe not issuing us clearance. The reasons are not clear as to why,” the Jiti chanter said.

UK based Qounfuzed, also weighed in while allaying a message for artists should be protected.

Aihwa ndiri muimbi chete,” read a Twitter caption by Qounfuzed.

Zimbabweans took to social media to express their condemnation at the move by the police.

The move by the police to silence Winky D attracted mixed reactions from observers with many arguing that their actions would, in the future cause anarchy.

Former Information minister Jonathan Moyo on Twitter wrote, “Shocking. The @PoliceZimbabwe should be the first to know that this is exactly the sort of provocative policing at a peaceful community recreational event that can easily trigger an Arab Spring Moment. In any event, Winky D is an artist, leave him alone to entertain his fans!”

Another exiled former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi castigated the Zanu PF leadership labelling them ‘dunderheads’.

“Where else on the globe does this sort of thing happen grabbing a mic from an artist live during performance because the police or some politicians do not like the lyrics. This is an own goal for the establishment. Zero sophistication,” Mzembi stated.

Norton MP Temba Mliswa wrote, “@Police Zimbabwe blocking @WinkyDonline show in Chitungwiza is not just disturbing but shameful. Are the authorities now trying to derail his career by this cowardice? An artist whom we should be celebrating we are busy fighting! Minister @KirstyCoventry what is this?”

Local media alleged an empty bottle flew from the crowd towards the artist missing him by a whisker as he left the stage with police detail. 

Socialite Zuva Urban Tete said, “They can shut down the show but they cannot shut you up Ibotso! AKA Kuvhunduka chati Kwatara! The song bothers them because ichokwadi. If you cannot sing in public, we will sing in our hearts. Long Live Winky D DiBigMan”.