Arts Council says diversty unites people, Zimbabweans must celebrate their ‘respective cultures’

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THE National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) said it values the Culture Week celebrations as they enable Zimbabwe to reflect on her diversified culture while reminding citizens of the need to safeguard respective practices.
“Such practices are integral components of the nation’s cultural heritage in both tangible and intangible forms,” said NACZ in a statement.
NACZ said the event is an opportune time to promote and showcase the diversity of the Zimbabwean culture.
“NACZ is encouraging communities at whatever level to come together, celebrate and enjoy their respective cultures in unison.”
This year’s Culture Week will run from the 20th – 26th May and the commemorations will take place in all provinces.
Information from the NAC communications officer Catherine Mtombeni says this years’ National Launch will be held on 20th May at Nyava High School in Musana (Bindura Rural) Mashonaland Central province.
“Some of the activities that will be paraded at the official launch include street marching by artists and cultural activists, fashion show, music and dance performances, art and craft exhibition and herbal medicine exhibitions,” said Mtombeni.
She added, “Thereafter, provincial launches will be held packed with varied cultural and artistic expressions by stakeholders and communities.”
According to Mtombeni this years’ theme titled “Consolidating Cultural Identity, Diversity and Heritage” is designed to spur communities to cement their respective cultural practices while strengthening the nation’s diversified cultural traits that make Zimbabwe a dynamic cultural nation.
She said, “Culture is identity and culture in its diversified format fosters co-existence, harmony and peace. Zimbabwe as a cultured nation is proud of its national identity.
In Zimbabwe, Chiefs play a pivotal role in the safeguarding, preservation and promotion of cultural norms and practices that inform the nation’s spirit of Ubuntu/Unhu.
“With the celebration of Culture Week and its growth over the years, it is time to take stock and build on whatever the country has attained so far on the culture front.”
On why the event is now one week instead of just one day Mtombeni said NACZ decided to make the change after it discovered that one day was too short a period to make an impact.Advertisement

She said, “In addition, artists found one day not adequate to allow them to celebrate and display their works to the public.”