Aspiring CCC MP blasts absentee legislators for Magunje’s growth inertia, promises massive development 

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By James Muonwa l Mashonaland West Correspondent

STAGNATION of development at Magunje business centre and its environs is a direct result of incompetent and lethargic political leaders, most of whom only return to the electorate during campaign season.

Aspiring Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) Magunje Member of Parliament (MP) Tonderayi Todd Kasemamuriwo said the constituency needs an MP, who appreciates problems communities face as opposed to politicians who come in election time, win polls and hibernate in plush city mansions only to reappear five years later during electioneering.

“I believe the area needs an MP, who understands the challenges the communities face unlike politicians who come election time, get voted and move back to the cities only to reappear at election time,” said Kasemamuriwo.

In 2018, the CCC hopeful lost by nearly 800 votes to sitting MP Cecil Kashiri of Zanu PF.

Kashiri recently lost the right to retain his seat following a shock defeat in Zanu PF primaries to Super Monga Madiro, thereby paving way for a duel between the latter and Kasemamuriwo of CCC.

Successive Zanu PF-aligned MPs for the area, including ex-higher education deputy minister, Godfrey Gandawa, promised exponential development of the business centre, which lacks basic amenities, but delivered none, said Kasemamuriwo.

He emphasised it is now time to pass the baton to a change oriented politician, who also hopes to unite a polarized society.

“I intend to cultivate a culture of tolerance that allows communities to live peacefully and focus on development and not the prevailing toxic political environment that is constantly in election mode characterised by violence, harassment and intimidation.”

“I sponsor a lot of community educational programmes, including paying fees for gifted but disadvantaged kids at numerous schools in the area both primary and secondary school and some at university. There are a number of graduates that have come through this programme,” the aspiring MP said.

“I entered politics to serve the community as I believe the current and former MPs have not done justice to the area as it is lagging in development.

“I wish to see education, health provision of clean safe water taking centre stage with the youth and women being empowered so that they stay away from being used to intimidate and harass fellow citizens.

“I push to see that the five pillars the CCC government led by Nelson Chamisa is putting forward indeed get to Magunje constituency. Road maintenance and infrastructure rehabilitation will be advocated for,” he added.

Kasemamuriwo joined politics when MDC was formed in 1999 and rose from ward treasurer through to district secretary before his elevation to current post of Mashonaland West provincial treasurer.