AUDACIOUS raid: Gold worth $1mln stolen from ZRP armoury

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By Staff Reporter

ROBBERS stole gold worth nearly US$1mln from Plumtree Police Station in a daring raid said to have been discovered Wednesday.

Police have not yet confirmed the heist, but state media reported Friday that the gold was a court exhibit and had been kept at the police station since 2015.

An officer discovered the gold had disappeared Wednesday morning while checking for missing rifles.

“When he proceeded to the armoury intending to open the armoury, he observed that there was a key inserted on the key hole of the armoury door,” sources told the Bulawayo Chronicle.

“Officers discovered that the door was not locked. One of the officers who had knowledge about the gold kept in the armoury as an exhibit proceeded to the bucket where the gold weighing 28,5297kg was kept wrapped in a khaki paper and discovered that the khaki paper was torn, and the gold was missing.

“However, the khaki papers were left in the bucket.”

The gold was had been at the police station since 2015 when Border Control and Minerals Unit intercepted it at Plumtree Border Post from a man who sought to smuggle it into Botswana.