Sharpe Injects US$100m To Set-up World-Class Warren Hills Golf Course Village

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By Mary Taruvinga

AUGUR Investments, owned by prominent property developer Ken Sharpe, is set to inject over US$100 million, setting up a one-stop village at the Warren Hills Golf Course in Harare.

The golf course is one of Harare’s oldest up-market recreational facilities and is owned by the Harare City Council.

The immediate task of Augur Investments is to have a facelift at a cost of not less than US$5 million.

Sharpe confirmed the latest development in an interview with saying the whole project, on completion, would cost over US$100 million.

He said the project was now at an advanced stage of planning in partnership with Sunshine Development Pvt, Ltd. Sunshine Development, is a joint venture company between the City of Harare and Augur Investments.

In recent years, the Warren Hills Golf Course had become a death trap and den for criminals due to years of neglect.

Sharpe projected in the next three years, the village, comprising residential properties, a shopping mall, and an office complex among other facilities, will be developed without distorting the golf course.

“It is not correct that we will be replacing the golf course because it is needed,” the property developer said.

“It is an outstanding golf course and there is no reason to get rid of it. Many golfers in Zimbabwe learned to play golf from that golf course,” he said.

He said even the famous Nick Price practiced to be a professional golfer at the Warren Hills Golf Course.

Information had been circulating amid reports that Price had made offers for the same land to the Harare City Council.

However, city council officials said no negotiations took place between the local authority and the popular golfer.

Sharpe said his company was striving to ensure that the Harare West community benefitted from the gold course and new developments underway.

“That is why we as private developers, believe we are the right people. We have the capacity to enhance what is already there and make it world-class.

“To this end, Augur Investments has already engaged a well-known regional golf designer who has made presentations.”

Augur Investments is also carrying out a similar project in Borrowdale where they are constructing the Millenium Park.

“The Millennium Park in Harare will be known beyond Africa and be an icon of the community,” Sharpe told

“Based on that next concept that we will be doing in Borrowdale, we decided we can do the same thing in Warren Hills. We are considering all the elements of the designer in order to make it an exceptional place.

“We are at the grand stages of planning. We are taking our time so that the execution will be excellent. We can look beyond the existing difficulties we are facing as a country and can see that the biggest resource is its people.”

Sharpe also urged Zimbabweans living in the diaspora to come back home and help in rebuilding the country.

“The future is bright,” the businessman said.