Available Responsible Gambling Tools Instead of GamStop In Zimbabwe

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A good thing here is that Zimbabwean players can use certain responsible gambling tools. There are a few options in fact and today we will reveal all of them. Your only mission is to choose the one you like and start using it. The main thing here you need to know is that all of these tools do the same thing but in different ways. The most popular responsible gambling tool is GamStop self-exclusion. It is available for players in the United Kingdom and covers all UK casinos with a UKGC licence.

British players who have registered there do not have access to these sites and the statistic shows that GamStop is an extremely efficient tool. There is no reversal procedure and if a player changed their mind the only available option is casinos not on GamStop. The majority of non GamStop casinos are listed on NonGamStopBets and similar platforms which review gaming sites for British users. There are a lot of differences and we will have to cover all of them.


The tool here has been available since 1993 making this one of the oldest options here. The tool is obviously available today. Back in 1993, this was a simple parental control tool parents would use to limit access to the internet for their children. In other words, children weren’t allowed to visit specific sites. In the 2000s the tool got a lot of improvements and additional features that allowed it to be featured here.

These days NetNanny allows you to block access to gambling and sports betting websites. Once you install the tool and configure it, access to online gambling will become impossible. All you can do is wait until the self-exclusion expires and only then you can gamble again.

The tool is software or an app basically and it can be installed on any device you use. It will work well on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and even some other operating systems. It will even block gambling ads on social media and other websites so you are going to be free from temptation.


It is another tool that has been more than just appealing. If you have heard of it, you have visited a gambling site. The tool is commonly visited at all sorts of sites for online gambling and you usually can see the details in the footer of the page. It is software and an app so you will need to install it first. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and etc. It is a great alternative to GamStop for Zimbabwean players who like to gamble. All we can say here is that all operating systems and all devices you will use for gambling are supported.

Once you install it, you will configure the software and you will have to choose how long you want the exclusion to last. During this time frame, you cannot remove it. There is no way to remove the app or bypass the limit. Only once the self-exclusion has expired you can remove it and you can continue gambling. This is precisely the main reason why GamBan has been so popular and so successful. It also won numerous awards through the years which makes it an even better and more desirable solution. You can even flag a website that contains gambling elements and it will be blocked soon.


The software has been with us since 2008 and it is developed with Ludomani. This is the biggest rehab facility in Scandinavia and it helps countless people on a yearly basis. The tool shares the same goal. You will install it and yes it runs on all operating systems so you can use it on any device you can use for actual gambling. Once you are done, choose how long the self-exclusion will last. The duration starts at 6 months but you can choose much longer durations.

Now you are free from online gambling. There is no way you can skip or bypass the limit. You cannot remove the app and you will have to use it on your device as long as you have selected the ban. Once it has expired you can remove the app and continue playing games. This is the same way how other software and apps of this kind work and it is the most effective or better said it is a mandatory feature here.

The tool comes with additional features as well. For instance, you will block gambling ads on other websites. This is important because you can enjoy browsing the web without seeing all sorts of gambling ads that may force you to gamble again. During the self-exclusion, you don’t have to worry about anything and you can enjoy using the web and doing anything you like.

The Final Word

These tools are available for players from Zimbabwe right now. Which one you will choose depends on your personal preference. All we can add is that all the tools work well and they can be used to replace GamStop. As you know, GamStop is not available in Zimbabwe so these tools will be the best way to get the same type of help. They will block your online gambling access and they will continue to do so as long as you need.  Once you are cured and you don’t need to use these tools, you can remove them from your device and continue to gamble online.