AWLO Zimbabwe in call for tree planting culture among citizens

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By Anna Chibamu

The African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) in Zimbabwe Thursday urged Zimbabweans to have a culture of planting trees to reduce the negative impact of climate change.

AWLO training director Prisca Potera said due to the harsh climatic changes being experienced the world over, Zimbabweans should ‘Go Green’ so that the hazardous effects are reduced.

She was speaking during a planting exercise for 20 trees which her organisation conducted with Harare Girls’ High School’s Environmental Club.

In recent years, most countries have experienced harsh weather phenomena such as cyclones, floods and drought, all blamed on poor management of the environment such as pollution.

With the theme ‘Going Green’, Potera said it was disappointing to note that all the environmental hazards impacted more on women and girls.

“It is important to have such a day. No matter how many plants we do, just one plant makes a difference. It should be a habit within us to plant trees. Planting trees is the only thing that can support our ecosystem.

“We are a women’s organisation and want to advance the girl-child and women issues. Majority of women are in rural areas. Even in urban areas, electricity is now expensive and the tree has become a victim.

“If we do not support tree planting, what will happen? Women spend their time fetching firewood and most of their productive time is wasted. Even the girls will not have time to study.

“Let us go green. Going green is the way. Ladies, girls; going green is the way forward. Look at how disastrous climate change effects are impacting on us. Hunger, poverty, crime and everything,” Potera said.

President and founder of AWLO, Elisha Attai was happy his organisation joined the world in planting trees in line with the global campaigns for climate change and AWLO’s vision towards saving and securing the physical environment.

AWLO Zimbabwe vice president, Norma Mliswa whose message was read on her behalf, was pleased to partner with the school and urged the girls to acquire leadership skills through the initiative.