‘Being a better person is challenging’ — AKA on missing the good old days of clap backs

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By Sunday Times

If you wondered what happened to the clap back and spicy aspect of AKA, he revealed he has ditched that side to “be better”.

“Sometimes I crave dishing out humble pie like I used to … rubbing people’s faces in it after they peed on my carpet. *sigh* … being a better person is challenging,” he posted.

His fans told the rapper they also missed defending him on Twitter.

“The humble Kiernan, I never thought I’d witness it, but I’m glad we not here defending you against everyone. It’s [more] peaceful being your fan now than it was before,” commented one.

“It has been months since I defended you. Do it just once bro, I miss being called all types of names,” wrote another.

AKA took to Twitter late last year to explain that things were looking up for him and he was feeling blessed.

“For what it’s worth, I’m happy to be alive, busy and doing what I love. Everything else is a bonus,” he said.

His latest hit single Lemons (Lemonade), featuring Nasty C, has apparently reached gold status.

“Congratulations to the Megacy. Unofficially Lemons (Lemonade) has just gone gold. Awaiting RISA certification. Plaques will be done next week. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. We back in business, baby,” he said.

Speaking on The Episode podcast, AKA said the song was about being comfortable with where he was.

“For me it’s not about, you know his verse is fantastic. For me it’s no longer about that competitiveness, especially on a song like that. It’s really about making the best art for the fans and I think he blessed me and I’m thankful for that,” he said.