Berita says she still has vividly bad memories of the day she left marriage

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By Sunday world

SOUTH AFRICA: Zimbabwean-born singer and songwriter Gugulethu Khumalo, professionally known as Berita, revealed that she had to take a break from her first love, music as a result of suffering anxiety attacks in the studio.

She was speaking to Kaya 959 breakfast show hosts with Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka on Thursday.

“Whatever you are going through in your personal life also affects your voice and that is exactly what I was going through hence I took time out around mid-2021,” she said.

Singer Berita Khumalo

She said she had vivid memories of the day she left her marriage. She had to call a therapist on the day. She said it was then that she had discovered she was in a narcissistically abusive relationship with her estranged husband Nota Baloyi

“I spent an hour and a half telling him exactly what was going on in the relationship and the entire time I thought it was rage, this is someone that is going through stuff. The day I learnt that I was in an abusive relationship I did not stay one minute and made plans to get out of there,” she said.

She recalled that on the day she left, she booked herself into a Bed and Breakfast and never returned to her marital home.

“When we were dating and when we first got married I only really started to see the signs of what was going on and that I am in too deep. 21 December 2021 was the day I stopped loving him and had to break loose.”

Berita said after she left Nota then started harassing her and her family and she had to leave the country to go back to Zimbabwe for six months.

However, her father wanted her to return to South Africa and work on the marriage, but she later told her family hat was really going on behind closed doors.