Bike stuntman breaks leg, arrested for not having licence

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GWANDA: A local man famous for speeding and pulling stunts on his motorbike who last February crashed his bike and in the process broke his leg has been fined for driving without a licence.
Luckboy Sipho Cadder appeared at the local magistrate courts walking with the aid of crutches charged with driving without a license. He was also charged with negligent driving.
He pleaded guilty to driving without a licence but not guilty to negligent driving, saying a South African registered Quantum had made a sudden about turn in front of him resulting in him veering off the road and crashing into some parked vehicles.
Magistrate Maphios Moyo ordered Cadder to pay $300 and acquitted him on charges of negligent driving.
The court heard that on the 8th of February last year Cadder was riding an unregistered black Yamaha motorbike in town along the Bulawayo road whilst he is not a holder of any driving licence.
He then overtook a Toyota Quantum and a bus using the extreme left side of the road and in the circumstances failed to negotiate his way.
He then rammed into two stationary vehicles breaking the bumper and lenses of one car and the rear windscreen of the other.
Cadder, in the process, broke his left leg and fell headlong on the tarmac and was rushed to hospital where he spent several months on admission.Advertisement