Bindura Nickel drags tenant to court for failing to pay rentals

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By Ebenezzer Sibanda

THE Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited (BNC) has taken a tenant, one Masocha Mutengwa to court for failing to pay rentals amounting to US$9 600 and $3 059.22.
According to court papers, in 2016, the two entered into an agreement in which Mutengwa would use BNC premises.

Mutengwa went on to default on rental payment and is now indebted to the sum of US$9 600 for rental and $3 059.22 for water utilities to BNC.

“In breach of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, Mutengwa failed to pay his rent in full and thereby accumulating arrears in the sum of US$9 600.

“Mutengwa was in arrears in respect of water utilities in the sum of $3 059.22 and the plaintiff has since settled same,” reads part of the summons.

BNC is claiming US$300 per month as damage till Mutengwa fully pays back his debt.

“Mutengwa is hereby ordered to pay BNC holdings over damages in the sum of US$300 per month from the date of this judgement to the date of the ejectment,” further reads the summons.

Bindura has proposed that the amount in United States dollars should be paid in RTGS$ to avoid any inconveniences.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the sum dominated in United States dollars shall be paid in RTGS$ at the inter-bank ration the date of payment,” reads the summons.