Binga Border Post set to open

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

GOVERNMENT is set to open the Binga Border Post this year, following the completion of the construction of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) staff houses, a government official has revealed.

In an interview with New, Binga District Administrator, Lydia Banda Ndethi said the opening of the new border post will bring economic activity to the area.

“We hope to open Binga Border Post this year. The staff accommodation and offices for Zimra officials have already been constructed. The opening of the border post will certainly boast trade between the local people and our Zambian counterparts,” said Ndethi.

Ndethi said the new border post will also facilitate the formal reconnection of the Tonga people who live on both sides of the Zambezi River.

“The Tonga people in Binga share strong cultural and religious ties with their counterparts in Zambia. Tonga people from both sides have been using illegal entry points while visiting their relatives. Now that the border post will open very soon, things will be better for them,” said Ndethi.

Ndethi added that the new border post will also boast the town’s tourism sector in the area.

“Binga has got very exciting and unique tourist attraction sites such as the beach, hot and cold springs, bird watching sites, boat-cruise and game viewing. However, these tourist attraction places remain untapped. We hope to attract foreign tourists using this new formal port of entry,” she added.

The construction of the new border post which started about 10 years ago has been stalled due to lack of resources.