Biti, Alliance Colleagues’ Parly Expulsions Condemned

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By Anna Chibamu

THE expulsion of Harare East MP and five other party legislators from Parliament on Wednesday has invited condemnation from some locals who feel this was affront to the fight for democracy in the country.

Biti and party politicians from the now defunct People’s Democratic Party were recalled from parliament by the party secretary general Benjamin Rukanda.

Reacting to the expulsions, MDC Alliance MP Daniel Molokele wrote on twitter, “The whole notion of recalls is clearly a deliberate affront to the democratic will of the electorate of Zimbabwe.

“Ultimately it is no longer possible to call our current legislature a truly people’s Parliament. Democracy is the loser!”

Law expert and former advisor to the late MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa said, “This is another example of the absurdity of the interpretation of the procedure for expelling MPs. It assumes that every “notice” sent to the Speaker is valid. Mudenda just reads what he has been given and that is the end of it for the MP, even if it’s been written by an idiot.

“The regime has once again abused the Constitution to expel @mdczimbabwe MPs, including former Finance Minister and current MDC Alliance Vice President @BitiTendai. Speaker of  @ParliamentZim Jacob Mudenda read a notice from one Benjamin Rukanda who claims to be acting for PDP.”

MDC Alliance treasurer David Coltart described the removal of MPs as illegal.

“If there was ever any doubt the ZANUPF regime is determined to silence those exposing corruption, that is removed by the illegal removal from Parliament of @BitiTendai and several other outstanding MPs. Democracy is well & truly dead in #Zimbabwe . This is now a rogue regime.”

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono said the recalls were an abuse of law.

“Today @BitiTendai has been a victim of an unconstitutional act & great abuse of law. However he leaves parliament with his head held up high after exposing billions worth of LOOTING, Corruption and Plunder That is the reason why he has been kicked out! He stood for all of US.”

The MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said “the recall of @BitiTendai for outing corruption through the Public Accounts Committee is a dangerous new low for the regime. They’ve reduced Parliament to a circus & usurped the will of the people. How can a random, unauthorized person wake up to recall a duly elected official?”

In a statement on twitter, the MDC Alliance said “Mnangagwa’s anti-people, dictatorial regime has unlawfully recalled VP @BitiTendai from Parliament to thwart his anti-corruption drive in the Public Accounts Committee. He was due to table the ZINARA & Command Agriculture Reports & was leading the ZESA & Land Baron Inquiries.”