Bob Exhumation Bid: Govt, Zanu PF Spokespersons Feast On Zhuwao ‘Childish’ Comments

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By Staff Reporter

GOVERNMENT and Zanu PF spokespersons have scoffed at claims by late former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwao who on Wednesday told South African television President Emmerson Mnangagwa was behind the bid to exhume his predecessor’s remains in the belief he was buried with a spirit that could boost the incumbent’s rulership.

This comes after a Zvimba traditional Chief was this week said to have summoned Mugabe’s widow Grace for trial for allegedly burying her late husband in his Zvimba mansion in violation of Shona custom.

Mugabe died September 2019 and was buried in his rural home after some intense haggling with the Mnangagwa led administration for his remains to be interred at the National Heroes Acre where an expensive mausoleum was being built in his honour.

Commenting on attempts to have his maternal uncle’s remains exhumed and reburied at an “appropriate” place, South Africa exiled Zhuwao fingered Mnangagwa for being behind the machinations.

Zhuwao claimed Mnangagwa believed Mugabe was buried with a spectre that could boost his ambitions to keep the country’s most coveted job.

However, commenting separately on their Twitter handles, both Zanu PF and government officials feasted on Zhuwao’s “childish” comments.

“The desperation to spread fake news reaches shocking milestones, inviting Zhuwao to lie that Mugabe was buried with something that President Mnangagwa wants in order to win elections in 2023,” Zanu PF director of information Tafadzwa Mugwadi said.

Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba also tweeted: “Hanzi sceptre pana VaMugabe! (We are told Mugabe has a sceptre!) Turning such an anti-feudal revolutionary into an anachronistic monarch! A bit of enlightenment helps, dear Zimbabweans! Kufananidza vaMugabe naEmperor Bokassa shuwa here? (likeneing Mugabe to Emperor Bokassa … really?).  You think you are defending asekuru (your uncle)?

Information secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana also joined the fray, mocking Mugabe “for being buried” with a sceptre, which failed to resuscitate the economy.

“Saka kachikule kakaita zvetsvimbo, tsvimbo yaiva useless paeconomy (so this old man was using a sceptre which failed to solve the country’s economic woes),” he tweeted.