‘Boeing 737 Max 8 will be one of the safest airliners flying’

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Dennis Muilenburg, chief executive of Boeing, was quizzed on Tuesday by the Senate Commerce Committee over the deadly 737 Max 8 crashes.

Two deadly 737 Max 8 crashes killed a total of 346 people. Muilenburg admitted the firm had made “mistakes”.

The fleet has been grounded for 10 months and BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme asked Chris Brady, a former Max pilot and author of a technical manual on Boeing, if passengers would want to fly on the craft.

“It’s very difficult. How do you prove that an aircraft is safe? I have no doubt at all that when the Max does fly again it will be absolutely safe. It will be one of the safest airliners flying.

You can never say 100% safe, that’s impossible to say.”

But it would be “commercial suicide” for Boeing if it was not safe after 10 months of grounding.