Bomb Scare At Harvest House 

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By Costa Nkomo 

There was an attempt to bomb the MDC-T head office, Harvest House Thursday morning as the battle to take control of the building among warring factions rages on, party sources have claimed.

NewZimbabwe.Com observed police officers at the building now rechristened Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House with party youths confirming the cops were carrying a forensic investigation.

Pieces of bottles with some wool strings were scattered at the entrance.

Party youths drawn from 2014 structures, who are currently in control of the party building premises, said at around 2 am Thursday, unidentified men passed through the building and threw two bottles suspected to be petrol bombs at the entrance of the building before they sped away.

“Around 2 am today (Thursday) a couple of people passed through our party building and threw two bottles that spilled petrol at the entrance,” party youths assembly secretary for ICT Womberaishe Nhende told NewZimbabwe.Com.

“Youths who were manning the entrance from inside had to retreat further inside as they feared for their lives. They didn’t know what was going on until this morning. We discovered that there are pieces of bottles that appear like petrol bombs. The luck part of it is that they did not explode,” Nhende added.

“The police came to our building in the morning to investigate. They also took a statement from our chairperson Paul Gorekore” Nhende said.

The attempt to bomb the main opposition’s building comes after embattled MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe faction lost control of the party building Sunday night.

Since the Supreme Court judgment on March 30, Mwonzora had entrusted Paul Gorekore to head the security at Morgan Tsvangirai House but the latter turned against him as he led the building capture with other youths from different party factions.

The MDC-T youth assembly for Harare province has since chased away Mwonzora’s aligned youths from the building demanding only those who formed 2014 party structures as the only eligible members to enter the party head office.

The MDC-T spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni was also blocked from entering Morgan Tsvangirai House Wednesday where he intended to address the media.

The youths told him he was not part of the 2014 MDC T structures.

When reached for comment Commissioner and National Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said his office was not privy to the details of the attempted bombing at the opposition’s head office.

“I have not received that report so far,” Nyathi told NewZimbabwe.Com in a telephone interview Thursday.

MDC-T chairperson Morgen Komichi directed questions to Khaliphani Phugeni whose mobile phone could not go through.