Born without hands, knees or feet, Sinikiwe’s self-love rules

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By Robert Tapfumaneyi

BORN with neither hands, knees nor feet, Sinikiwe Kademaunga (25) from Chitungwiza describes herself as just different.

Kademaunga has so much confidence in herself that many able bodied people would only dream of having.

She looks at her background as a specimen through which many can draw lessons and inspiration of how to live life to the fullest without worrying about the opinion of the next person.

In an interview with Sinikiwe said she decided to love and accept as well as be kind to herself because she knew the rest would follow.

“I want to say to all people living with disabilities believe in yourself. You are magic.

“You are exceptional and wonderful with whatever disability that you have. You are just beautiful in your own way,” a confident Kademaunga said.

“Believe in yourself, don’t let the world define you, or tear you down. Whatever dream that you have, somebody out there needs you, go out there fly high.”

Kademaunga who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Cape Town has just launched her company SK, drawn from her initials that specialises in motivational speaking and personal development.

The bubbling Kademaunga said she understands reasons that drive people living with disabilities onto the streets to beg for alms.

“For us people living with disability, it is hard out there to compete with able bodied people. Looking for jobs and other opportunities,” she said.

“But I want to say to those people (living with disabilities), keep on working hard, it’s not the end of the world because you are living with disability and never look down upon yourself.”

Kademaunga said she feels disheartened to find able bodied people pretending to be representing the interests of disabled.

“Nothing for us without us. Involve us and it’s also sad sometimes in movies if you watch it, they put someone who is able bodied (to act as a disabled person) which is a problem and insulting.

“For us we are living the life, we understands the issues much better than these people,” she said.

“Help us rally behind, give us the opportunities.”

Exuding the confidence of someone in charge of everything around her, Kademaunga said she has no regrets in life.

“Everything that has happened in my life, I take it as a learning opportunity. I take it as a learning curve that has led me to be the person I am now,” she said with a smile.

Kademaunga said she finds it funny that people take pity on her to the extent of giving her money she has not asked for.

“I am not a charity case, but when people see me walking it town they dig deep in their pockets and hand me money.

“I accept it not because I am a beggar but because someone will have done that out love. Don’t feel pity for me, just know that I was born different from you,” said Kademaunga.

In 2016 she received recognition for her courage to confront her disability at Zimbabwe’s International Women’s Awards. For Kademaunga the world is an oyster ready to be explored and her daredevil indomitable spirit only leave those who watch go in awe.