Borrowdale Teacher Sued US$100 000 For Adultery

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By Mary Taruvinga

A TEACHER at Rishworth Preparatory School, an elite learning centre in Borrowdale, Harare is being sued for US$100 000 by another woman on allegations she snatched her husband who is now paying university fees for the tutor’s children while the wife and children “are swimming in poverty”.

Maria Magadarina Nyanhanda is being sued by Nyemwererai Nancy Mavengere for snatching her husband, Isaiah Mavengere.

Nyanhanda is accused of having fallen in love with Isaiah Mavengere knowing that he is in a monogamous marriage.

In summons filed with the High Court, Nyemwererai Mavengere accused Nyanhanda of causing stress to her as her husband has abandoned the couple’s children.

Nyanhanda stays in Tafara, a high density suburb in Harare and according to the summons, sometimes she cohabits with Isaiah.

Isaiah is allegedly so blinded with love that he now pays university fees for Nyanhanda’s children while his children and wife “are swimming in poverty”.

“The plaintiff’s claim is for payment of US$50 000 or the equivalent in Zimbabwe dollars at the official auction rate as adultery damages. Damages in the sum of US$25 000 being loss of consortium sustained by the plaintiff by reason of loss of comfort, society, companionship and assistance which used to be provided by her spouse, such loss being a direct result of the defendant’s continued adulterous relationship with the plaintiff’s husband and US$25 000 being damages for contumelia inflicted by the defendant upon the plaintiff by openly brandishing her adulterous relationship with the plaintiff’s husband,” Mavengere’s lawyers said.

Nyemwererai and Isaiah Mavengere are married in terms of the Marriage Act Chapter 5:11 and they wedded on May 2 1991.

However, there is no longer love between the two because of the adulterous affair.

“The marriage relationship that had blossomed between the plaintiff and her husband waned when Nyanhanda commenced the adulterous relationship with Isaiah. The plaintiffs’ husband who used to be caring and loving to the plaintiff became cold, sour, uncaring and unloving as a result of Nyanhanda’s adulterous relationship with Isaiah,” read the summons.

Mavengere says sometimes Isaiah leaves the matrimonial home to stay with Nyanhanda depriving her of her matrimonial rights.

The matter is yet to be heard.