Boss soundly bashed for proposing love to subordinate’s wife after sending hubby away on duty

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By Mary Taruvinga

A HARARE security officer recently got the beating of his life after being caught on his knees propositioning a subordinate’s wife.

He had reportedly send the husband away on duty, a city court heard Thursday.

Naimeck Mujaji, 45, who is employed by the state-owned Arda, was beaten up by Takudzwa Madiro and resorted to pointing a pistol at the latter in a bid to save his life.

This however, landed Mujaji in the dock after Madiro reported him to police over the gun threat.

Mujaji was charged with contravening the Firearms Act when he appeared before magistrate Tilda Mazhande.

He was released on $50 bail pending trial.

Allegations against him arose on April 17 this year at Arda Nijo Farm in Hatcliff.

Court heard Mujaji was employed as a supervisor at the farm while Madiro was a security guard.

It is alleged that on the day in question, Mujaji deployed Madiro to guard a cattle kraal situated some distance away from the houses around 6 pm.

Prosecutors say he then went to Madiro’s house where he found the latter’s wife, Barbara Bayiwota, cooking in the kitchen.

Mujaji started proposing love to Bayiwota who then send a text message to her husband informing him about what was happening.

Court heard Madiro came back home in the company of a friend, Elton Ncube, and found his boss kneeling down still proposing love to his wife.

It is alleged he confronted Mujaji demanding to know why he was in his house.

A row ensued and Madiro started assaulting Mujaji who reportedly withdrew his loaded pistol which he cocked and pointed at Madiro, threatening to shoot him.

He was then disarmed by one Phenias Mashamba who pounced on him from behind.

Madiro and his aides then handcuffed Mujaji and handed him over to the police.