Boy eyes political office, contests deterrent law

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ASPIRING Independent candidate for Harare Central Ward 2 Trust Ruvoko (19) who, through the help of Independent Candidates Solidarity Forum (ICSF), will soon submit a petition to Parliament demanding the removal of the Act that bars persons Under 21 from running for public office, will also approach the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) to have the law set aside. Our reporter, Robert Tapfumaneyi (RT), spoke to Ruvoko (TR) to find out the motivation behind his dream when most of his peers are at different universities pursuing academic careers.

RT: Trust, politics is not for the faint hearted and at your age, 19 years, why did you decide to run for office?

Trust Rukovo: l saw that there is actually nothing for the youth without the youth. We the youths are the ones who are unemployed and we are the ones who know the pains of being unemployed and can actually make better policies for us to be employed rather than being used as tools of violence by the old politicians who are in the government, who actually failed during their time.

RT: So are you saying political office is now a source of employment?

TR: I’m not saying political office is employment, I’m saying being in a political office as a young person l can help in the formation of better policies that can help create employment for my fellow brothers and sisters. It is difficult for someone who hasn’t felt the pain of being unemployed to form a policy that can benefit the unemployed.

RT: At 19 are you not thinking about going to varsity and acquire a degree and be academically empowered?

TR: To me it is actually pointless to go to university now when l know that after four or so years l will be unemployed, it is better to open the doors for employment first then l will go to varsity.

RT: During your school days did you hold any position such as being a school prefect?

TR: Yes was a head boy both at primary and secondary level and was also elected into the junior council and appointed the Chairman in the council.

RT: And which schools did you attend both Primary and Secondary?

TR: l attended Chishamiso Primary School in Hippo Valley Estates then moved to St Anthony’s for my Secondary, in Zaka Masvingo province.

RT: When you told your parents that you are getting into politics full time, what was their response?

TR: They were not surprised because they actually knew it before l had decided to be in politics, they supported the idea since they were waiting for that time to come.

RT: What may have been the motivation factor behind their support?

TR: They are also victims of unemployment, so my idea of fighting for employment through better policies received a warm response.

RT: Elections needs funding for campaigns, how are you going to run your campaign program?

TR: l work for the people with the people and those people in my community are the ones who have sent me to go and represent them, they are also going to give me assistance whenever the need arises.

RT: You’re contesting as an Independent Candidate, why did you decide such and not under a political party?

TR: Like l said before I am doing it for the people and the people in my community are the ones who said we are tired of political parties, they have failed us for some years now and they said instead of waiting for these political parties to endorse their candidates let us endorse our own candidate based on merit not those from political parties who only endorse who they know in the leadership of the party.

RT: Lastly, what is your message to Harare Central Ward 2 voters?

TR: Our community is our responsibility; together we can make our community a better and healthy place to live in.

RT: Thank you very much for your time Trust and all the best in your petition and ConCourt application.

TR: You are welcome and your vote counts.