Boycott Chamisa, EFF Zimbabwe Urgers Supporters

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By Bulawayo Correspondent

ECONOMIC Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe has urged its supporters to vote for either Zanu PF or Douglas Mwonzora’s led MDC-Alliance candidates during the Saturday by-elections at the expense of Nelson Chamisa’s Citizens Coalition for Change.

A total of 29 National Assembly seats and more than 100 council wards will be contested during the by-elections.

The constituencies and wards become vacant mostly because of the recalling of the incumbents by the MDC-T.

In an interview with, the United Kingdom based EFF (Zimbabwe) based president Innocent Ndibali advised his followers to vote for Zanu PF or MDC-T, saying the two parties are the only ones which can guarantee economic emancipation of black people in the country.

“As EFF Zimbabwe, we are encouraging our members to vote for (Douglas) Mwonzora’s MDC Alliance or Zanu PF. The two parties clearly share the same ideology with us on the issue of land and economic freedom. There is no human rights without land and that political freedom without economic freedom is futile,” Ndibali said.

The (EFF) Zimbabwe boss said his party is also against any party which support sanctions which were imposed by western countries on selected Zanu PF and government officials. He accused the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for inviting the embargoes.

“There is no way we can support a political party like CCC which invited sanctions for this country. As a black businessman, my business has been adversely affected by these sanctions. These sanctions are an impediment to black advancement,” Ndibali said.

He said his party is also against compensation of land taken from white commercial farmers.

“On Saturday, I am appealing to all Zimbabweans to defend their heritage by voting for parties which stands for black people. If we do that, then we are good on March 26. I know by declaring our allegiance to the two parties, we are going to get a lot of backlashes but we do not care,” added Ndibali.

On Monday, the leader of a faction of the MDC-T Thokozani Khupe urged her supporters to vote to CCC during the by-elections.