Brace for more water, power shortages, says Moyo

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By Leopold Munhende

ZIMBABWEANS living in the country’s different urban areas should brace for a worse off water crisis and more electricity shortages, Local Government Minister July Moyo has warned.

Moyo was speaking at a Wednesday Harare workshop to sensitise and reorient subnational structures on the management of last year’s El Nino induced drought.

“All cities, municipalities and urban settlements will have to endure prolonged water rationing schemes.

“In addition the reduced water levels at Kariba Dam being staggered around 26% will continue to see reduction in electricity generation resulting in all sectors of the economy being affected adversely,” said Moyo.

“With regards to both surface and ground water availability, every catchment is reported to be below the expected levels at this time of the season, boreholes are drying up in all provinces, livestock now moves more than five kilometres in search of water.”

Zimbabwe is experiencing a tough period characterised by worsening water shortages and a power crisis that is threatening to throw the country into complete darkness.

All of ZESA stations are operating at below capacity, producing a total of 503MW against a daily demand of 1 400MW.

A 400MW relief deal from South Africa’s Eskom has done little to ease the crisis.

The situation could get worse as another season of poor rainfall and a devastating famine have been forecast by experts.

Already, some 5.5 million people face starvation, according to government and food aid distribution has been moved into urban areas.

This is despite the infamous but cash gobbling Command Agriculture scheme that has failed to ensure food sustainability for the poor country but instead been fingered in the siphoning of US$3 billion.